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    How to have a great video conference


    Video conferencing has become a go-to solution for businesses looking to save money on travel expenses and establish a more collaborative working environment, but not every organization knows what a good online conference requires. FedTech magazine's Bryan Hellard wrote that before any aspect of a video conference begins, the organization must first pick the correct room and prepare it for a meeting. This means there should be no windows in the shot and no lighting distractions so the picture is as clear as possible.

    Don't be fooled by video conferencing myths


    There are plenty of misconceptions that pop up with newer technology, but this shouldn't stop a business from gaining some of the advantages they can achieve from video conferencing. Industry professional Sreekanth Ravi wrote on Business Solutions that there has been some confusion among the markets looking at these tools, as there are many new offerings that most don't know anything about.

    Cloud may help drive use of video conferencing


    Cloud computing has become a popular tool for businesses across multiple industries, and it may also help drive up the use of video conferencing technology, according to one industry professional in South Africa. Alain Schram, CEO of a communications company, told DestinyMan that the world is quickly getting to the point where cloud computing will help individuals speak with their doctors, lawyers and other professionals via video.

    3 ways to excel at video interviews


    Many job seekers are expanding their horizons and searching for their dream careers in areas outside of their home towns. Organizations are responding to this out-of-town demand by offering video conferencing as an alternative to face-to-face interviews. However, just as is the case with in-person conversations, there are certain rules to follow in order to ace a video interview:

    4 reasons video conferencing will benefit your business


    Businesses across all industries have begun using video conferencing solutions to realize a wide variety of benefits. While many organizations have already been able to positively utilize the service, others are still skeptical about adopting such a system. Here are a few reasons why video conferencing will work for your company:

    Mobile conferencing to go holographic in the future


    Video conferencing completely changed the way that people communicate over long distances for business meetings and other consultations. With the rising number of smartphone users and the increasing amount of companies adopting bring-your-own-device policies, enterprise mobility could once again revolutionize the way how organizations communicate and the possibilities therein.

    3 tips to an engaging webinar


    Businesses hosting online events have turned to web video conferencing as a means of actively engaging all participants and holding an effective discussion. Although this is one of the most common conferencing tools used by organizations to reach out to a long-distance or larger audience, many still make mistakes in their execution. Here are a few tips to help your group conduct an effective webinar:

    Become More Productive in Mobile Meetings


    Conferencing services are going the extra mile for businesses by providing users with alternatives to sitting in the office for calls. Organizations are now able to leverage their conferencing solutions to take business mobile, as meeting participants can access their tools from any location. Organizations can find multiple benefits from mobile meetings, however, the company must first learn how to get the most out of its investment.

    Video Conferencing a Homerun for Sales Pitches


    Using video conferencing for sales presentations can be difficult for the speaker as it does not give them the added luxury of true face-to-face interaction with the audience. However, the tool can still be used to communicate effectively and provide opportunities to directly use video examples and images. There are a few universal tips to follow when making a conferencing sales presentation:

    Business Transformation: Making Change Management Stick

    Progress and Structure

    It’s easy to talk about business transformation. It’s harder to actually implement it and even more difficult to make the changes stick. In the previous articles in this series we discussed how to identify emerging opportunities, optimize work space and encourage creativity. Each of these efforts represents an important step towards creating meaningful change but they can all be wasted if an organization goes back to “business as usual” after a brief trial period. The final piece of the business transformation puzzle is developing a strategy to make an innovative work solution or amazing new idea a permanent part of the organization. This can be accomplished with the following steps:

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